Junichi Inoue

20.11.2017 0

Hello, Nice to meet you. I’m Junichi Inoue from Japan. I started this hobby in 2010 because of my brother’s influence. Recently, I have participated in overseas competitions.

Thomas Schunk

20.11.2017 0

Hi, my name is Thomas Schunk, my friends call me Tom. My father was it who took me to the airfield in the baby buggy already. My first flights with a remote controlled airplane I made in the age of […]

Martin Pasáček

21.11.2017 0

My competition career started in 2008 when I joined the European Acro Cup. Since then I attend many competitions and cups all around the Europe. My biggest achievement was in 2011 where I won 1st place at the European Acro […]

Jan Hofman

24.11.2017 0

My name is Jan Hofman, I was born in 1983 in Olomouc. My first experience with flying RC models started in 2006 with the Wing Dragon. 😊 Over the next two years, I tried different categories, but the dream was […]

Robert Sixt

24.11.2017 0

Hi, my name is Robert Sixt an I´m trained joiner, working for over 20 years in a company that produces Plastic Windows. I started with model flying at the age of 12, and with helicopter flying I started at age 18. […]

Markus Rummer

24.11.2017 0

Hallo, Mein Name ist Markus Rummer 16.8.1986 in Roth bei Nürnberg geboren. Fliege seit meinem 5. Lebensjahr, habe mit Modellhubschrauber angefangen und habe mich ca nach 2 Jahren mehr mit den Fliegern beschäftigt wo ich jetzt hängen geblieben bin. Die […]

Daniel Nagl

24.11.2017 0

Hello, my name is Daniel Nagl and I was born on 25th of January 1989 in Wiener Neustadt in Austria. My begun my aviation career at the age of 8. I was brought to aeromodeling by my dad. I got […]

Bedrich Janacek

12.3.2018 0

Hello! My name is Bedrich Janacek and I have been involved in air modeling since my childhood. In the 1960s I was already flying with single channel vacuum-tube based RC transmitter at the age of 13. In the early 1980s, […]

Marek Plichta

9.10.2018 0

I was born in September, 1995. I had a good luck, as my father had been active in aeromodelling already 20 years and introduced me to it very shortly. I started to fly when I was almost three years old. […]