Thomas Schunk


my name is Thomas Schunk, my friends call me Tom. My father was it who took me to the airfield in the baby buggy already. My first flights with a remote controlled airplane I made in the age of twelve years. As teenager I compete in some competitions for youngsters accomplished by the DMFV. My best result was the first place at the international German youth championship in 1993 in the category glider. After some years I was participant of the first indoor aerobatic competitions in Germany. As one of the first pilots I tried to fly giant rc-models indoor. In my opinion the most famous of models built by myself was the Extra330SC with an wingspan of 3 meters and a flight weight of only 2750 Gramms. As special function a variable pitch prop was installed. I had the chance to show this plane on many international events. In 2012 I started to enter competitions of glider acro. The best result in this discipline was the first place at the German championship in the limited class in 2015. If I am not on tour you often can meet me on the airfield of the MFV Brackenheim e.V., my home club. During the winter months am not only interested in flying rc airplanes I am also interested in designing and building airplanes. Lots of my model airplanes was built by myself. For me airplane modelling even will be a wild passion.