Uwe Neesen

Hello, my name is Uwe Neesen. I have been an active model pilot since 1977. From methanol operated models, I came relatively quickly to the newly upgrowing electric flight. That has not let go with me until today. Silent gliding is also one of my favorite activities, so this is an ideal combination. Fortunately, in 2005 I was able to turn my hobby into a job and became an employee at Hacker Motor GmbH. That’s how I came into contact with the JETI Duplex remote control system very early on. For some years I have dedicated myself to the large scale gider flying. The large scale models are simply the best compared to the original gliders. Thermal climbung, long flights, a lot of track … that makes me happy the most. Here, the JETI duplex system with the various telemetry options offers ideal conditions. You can meet me at many large glider meetings, fairs, events, mostly in southern Germany.