Giant JS-1 Revelation

4.8.2020 0

Václav Chytrý sent us link to his photos of Petr Videmann’s awesome JS1. Wingspan is 10 meters, weight 24 kg. We are very happy that Petr entrusted his JS1 to JETI electronics: he uses transmitter JETI DS-24, Central Box […]

Junior Lukas Doubrava ended 3rd in Slovakia!

26.1.2020 0

The new generation of pilots is growing up! Congratulations to Lukas Doubrava to third place in pylon race at the international indoor competition in Slovakia! In addition to the podium Lukas scored 4th place in “F3P rookie” and 5th in […]

DS-12 dominates in F3K

27.9.2019 0

Martin Popovsky, junior representant from airplane model club Týnec nad Sázavou uses whole new transmitter which is DS-12 from JETI model production. The main advantage of the transmitter praised by F3K pilots is a low weight which reaches only 700 […]

Little Red Arrows

3.5.2019 0

It is not necessary to introduce Martin Pasacek or Jan Hofman. Both of them are known by RC pilots for their magnificent airshow and of course for three meters wide acrobat competition. This season they are flying with BAE Hawks […]

Gernot Bruckmann is the 4 times World Champion!

25.3.2019 0

Our team pilot Gernot Bruckmann became the World Champion in the indoor aerobatic category F3P for the 4th time in the row! One day later he added the title of vice-champion in indoor freestyle to music category F3P AFM. Gernot […]

F5D World Championship

6.8.2018 0

Congratulations to the World champions! Tomas Ciniburk won F5D championship in Japan, Jan Sedlacek ended up 2nd, Junichi Inoue 3rd and Tomas Andrlik 4rd, all using JETI electronics. Czech won gold in teams, Japan has silver. Good job guys!

Czech indoor season is over!

10.4.2018 0

The Czech Indoor Season ended on Saturday 31.3. in Hodonín at the Czech Championship that included an announcement of the Czech Indoor Aerobatic Cup winners. We would like to congratulate Adam Hrbáček, who started the season as a novice in […]

Piper Cub Clipped Wing 50%

14.1.2018 0

While most of us flies FunCubs for fun Gernot Bruckmann has a little bit bigger Piper: Wingspan: 4,5m Length: 3,5m Weight: 36Kg Scale: 1:2 Piper is powered by four-piston four stroke Fiala FM 280 with Fiala 38×14 propeller. Control surfaces, […]

Adam Hrbacek won RCMania indoor cup

21.11.2017 0

Adam Hrbáček won his first competition in international category F3P AA in Týn nad Vltavou (Czech republic), 18.11.2017. In his just 48g heavy plane Supertrino mkII powered by only single Lipol cell he is using receiver R7N for voltage telemetry […]

Tripple Me-262 at Friedrichshafen Show

11.11.2017 0

Team Pilot Roy Puchtinger durin Friedrichshafen Show with his colleagues Thomas Gleißner and Stephan Voelker presented their amazing Messerschmitt Me-262. You can watch movie from their part of “START OF THE YEAR” Show HERE.