Henning Wessels

1.11.2017 0

Hello and welcome, let me introduce myself: My name is Henning Wessels, born 14.12.192 in Dorsten/Germany. Not only my father Peter Wessels (several times EC/WM team champion, german champion, TOC competitor etc.), but also my grandpa was a modeller and […]

Adrien Gallet

1.11.2017 0

I am 14 years old and in third year of secondary school. I am practising RC models since the age of 3 years old and the F5J (Thermal Soaring Competition Class) in contest for 4 years. Later, I would like […]

Sarah Lutzenberger

1.11.2017 0

Hello, my name is Sarah Lutzenberger, am 31 years old and live in southern Germany. I came to the world of aviation by my then boyfriend, who spent every weekend at an airfield. After a few months as a passive viewer I […]

Uwe Neesen

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Hello, my name is Uwe Neesen. I have been an active model pilot since 1977. From methanol operated models, I came relatively quickly to the newly upgrowing electric flight. That has not let go with me until today. Silent gliding […]

Hepf Hausmesse

HEPF Hausmesse 2017

1.11.2017 0

On the weekend from 6th to 7th October JETI TEAM visited Tirol in Austria. Our Dealer Hepf Modellbau organizes their traditional autumn Hausmesse. Many of theirs supliers and sponsorean pilots were invited to spend weekend in HEPF base. Many thanks […]

New plane from Gernot Bruckmann

3.11.2017 0

Our team pilot Genot Bruckmann prepared for F3A World Championship (from Nov 3rd till Nov 11th, Argentina) new plane called – The Pandora

Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen 2017

10.11.2017 0

From 3rd to 5th November 2017, an exhibition called Faszination modellbau was held in the famous Friedrichshafen. He attended over 400 exhibitors from 16 countries. Our JETI model can be found on a common stand with the Hacker motor. Present […]

Tripple Me-262 at Friedrichshafen Show

11.11.2017 0

Team Pilot Roy Puchtinger durin Friedrichshafen Show with his colleagues Thomas Gleißner and Stephan Voelker presented their amazing Messerschmitt Me-262. You can watch movie from their part of “START OF THE YEAR” Show HERE.

Transmitter DUPLEX DS-24

12.11.2017 0

The DC/DS transmitters were developed and produced with the cooperation of professional engineers and world champion pilots. The design goals were maximum utility, durability, and reliablity of their mechanical parts along with simple handling. The metal case, with its chemically […]

Receivers REX Assist

13.11.2017 0

The REX A receivers enhance the REX series of receivers and extend it with the intelligent flight stabilization feature, which is designed for airplane models and multicopters. This stabilization works in all three axes of the model and facilitates flying […]