JETI Central Box 220

We are proud to introduce the new JETI Central Box 220!

The Central Box 220 is a switchboard designed for the complete management of servos in a model. The Central Box can manage two batteries and fully supports the JETI EX telemetry system. Up to three receivers with serial output can be connected to the Central Box. With JETI DC/DS transmitter, the full potential of the Central Box can be used, such as an easy way to configure the Central Box, EX telemetry and DITEX servos telemetry. Central Box 220 supports up to 15 servo outputs. Servo outputs are equipped with overload protection for standard servos up to 30 Kg/cm and high-power servos up to 60 Kg/cm. Central Box 220 has two battery inputs and incorporates possibility to connect an RC or magnetic switch.


  •     Servo overload protection on each output channel
  •     Support of DITEX telemetry servos
  •     Possibility to connect up to 3 receivers with serial interface (EX-Bus, PPM)
  •     Built-in Expander function for up to 3 sensors
  •     Input for magnetic switch or RC switch
  •     Two MPX battery input connectors
  •     100Hz mode of servo outputs (10ms period)
  •     Supports EX telemetry (voltage, current, capacity, and temperature measurement, …)
  •     Easy settings changes via DC/DS transmitter
  •     Firmware updates by user
  •     Suitable for use with high voltage (HV) servos
  •     Compact size for easy installation
  •     Aluminum Case for Extra Cooling and Protection


Technical parameters

  • Weight [g]            64
  • Dimensions [mm]               66 x 42 x 18
  • Sustained current [A]         20
  • Peak current (2s) [A]         90
  • Number of servo outputs   15
  • Number of servo outputs with protection for standard servo (up to 30Kg/cm)       11
  • Number of servo outputs with protection for high-power servo (up to 60Kg/cm)   4
  • Telemetry            Yes
  • Operational temperature [°C]           -20 … 75
  • Compatible protocols         EX Bus, PPM
  • Batteries LiXX      2
  • Supply Voltage [V]             4 … 8,4
  • Satellite receiver support   Yes