Vertigo 2m

Spannweite: 2,25m

Länge: 2,1m

Gewicht: 7,4kg


Vertigo 2m is aerobatic aircraft, that even though it may look like a real plane is not a scale. The designer Daniel Bartuška managed to build plane, that looks „realistic“ but fresh and uncommon on the sky compared to well known aerobatic rc and full scale planes. The airframe is wooden with a lot of foam/balsa sandwitch parts. This type of construction makes the Vertigo both light and rigid (and easy to build).

Vertigo 2m is powered by Hacker A60 18L with JETI MEZON 135A speed controller and Top Fuel 12s5000mAh lipol battery. Propeller used is Fiala e3 24×10 inches. Servos are five Hacker Ditex 2612P and they are connected to the Central Box 200. There is just one (secondary) satelite receiver RSat2 and one REX 10 Assist receiver (functioning as flight stabilizer and main satelite).