Jan Hofman

My name is Jan Hofman, I was born in 1983 in Olomouc. My first experience with flying RC models started in 2006 with the Wing Dragon. 😊 Over the next two years, I tried different categories, but the dream was an acrobatics with giant models. For the year 2008 I managed to prepare the first giant acrobatic special KatanaS 33% of the Krill production with the DA100 and I immediately joined the EAC competitions. To date, I have competed across Europe in the categories EAC, EXFC, F6A, F3M, GAM and I ranked 2nd in EAC National for 2011, EXFC 3rd place TEAM 2013 and 2017. My new motors are Jety and nomination for world championship. category F3S with the Bae Hawk model.