Sven Hartmann


My name is Sven Hartmann and I was born on 29.12.1976 in Rüsselsheim near Frankfurt am Main and I fly model airplanes since I was 9 years old. Flying became my passion when my father took me to my first model show. Since then it hasn’t left me. In 2006 I have started flying with helicopters because the technology has enthused me.  Later I have started flying with 3D helicopters and nowadays my passion is flying with prototypical helicopters and I am trying to combine both classes. Because there is no championship for this type of model I decided to implement this style of flying to many airshows where I present various types of helicopters even in flight condition which the original one can’t handle. That satisfies me and also the audience which makes me very happy.

Furthermore, I am working as a test pilot for various companies and in the development of UAV as a backup pilot.

Ready for takeoff