Aneta Boušková


My name is Aneta Boušková, I was born on 18. July 1995 in Tábor. At the same time when I was born my father was interesting in RC planes and he was an instructor of glider flying. Sometimes I say I grow up at airfield. My love for planes and flying started really soon, but my first RC plane I got at the age of 11. My first indoor competition I flow in 2011 and since this competition I stayed with indoor planes. I am interesting just in indoor competing, outdoor flying is just for fun.
The best of my succes are my doubled participations on Joe Nall at american airfield Tripple Tree in the years 2014 and 2016. I would like to say big thanks to company Jeti Model and Jeti USA, which helped me to visit this events. Flying is the inherent part of my life.